Movei of TANSEI on TAP

The Band "Tokyo Senretsu Sess!on" 

promotion video.

「Kohoss」comoposed by TANSEI

「Land Song」by TANSEI



TANSEI was selected as an CM image character

of The long established department store "YAMAKATAYA" in Kagoshima prefecture.

「LAND SONG」 composed by TANSEI

A beautiful song from an amazing session in Kyoto.  

Tap Dance TANSEI (from Tokyo Senretsu sess!on)

Guitar KENGO (from Tokyo Senretsu sess!on)

Guitar Goro Inaoka (from Tokyo Senretsu sess!on)

with flute Naohiko Amatatsufeat.

TsugaruShamisen Taichi Hikida

2018.11.18at kyoto Eiunin!


「SENGOKU」composed by Taichi Hikida

Tsugaru Shamisen : Taichi Hikida

Tap Dance : TANSEI

2018.11.18at kyoto Eiunin

Tansession in Kyoto 2018 summer
with Kalimba, Asalato, Piano

Mrad put a Coyta 2019

That is only Percussion instrument band.

Japanese Taico, Tap dance, and Drums.

Mysterious, Exciting, Blending of Japanese & Western sound styles.