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<<丹精 ~Tap Dancer~>>

Tansei 丹精 (tap dancer)


 From Tokyo, Japan.


 Has enjoyed dancing to music from the childhood and learned Japanese "Taiko" drumming intensively in the late teens.


 Encountered and started learning tap dance with great teachers in NewYork from 2010. After the 1 and half year there, started performing and has performed at a great number of venues in Tokyo such as MotionBlueYokohama, JZ Brat, and has expanded the area to whole Japan and overseas, year by year.

The performance is always with live music and mostly improvised.


 Oriented in Jazz and makes sessions also with flamenco music and many other genres.

The style is strongly influenced by jazz and its musicality is often compared to percussion and singing.

Has published a CD with a band in 2016. Plays Jazz sessions at bars in NY with local musicians time to time and travels all over Japan and to overseas.


 The trip reached to Hong Kong in 2014, and played at Peel Fresco, Backstage, etc, with Japanese and local musicians. Again in 2015 and 2016 the invitation to SaiKung Jazz Fes. exposed his music to wider audience. Short tour to Malaysia in 2018.


 Also travels through Japan annually in summer and it lasts for 2 months in 2018.


 Besides tap and music, loves beer, deep fried egg plant, olive oil, sports, and dogs.

Tansei Facebook :    https://www.facebook.com/tantaplivemusic



20代前半に訪れたNewYorkで出会ったTap Danceに衝撃を受け、現地にあるBroadwayDanceCenterを中心に1年半、数々の一流ダンサーに学ぶ。



2013夏 NYへ。Jazzに学ぶ。

2014初夏 東京~九州 westbound Japan tour 一ヶ月に渡るソロツアーを成功させる。

2015 6~7月 西日本~全九州taptosmile tour

11月 韓国ツアー。

2016 3月 三度目の香港ツアーでは、2年連続となるSaiKungのJazzFes参加を含め、連日盛況にて成功。

7月 日本列島ツタタタ縦断ツアー (沖縄~北海道)

2017 年


夏 1ヶ月半超の日本縦断ソロツアー(ツタタタ)2017 成功。





2018 7-8 2ヶ月に渡る日本縦断ツタタタツアー2018成功。